Welcome to Fraser Essentials with Lori and Cindy!

Welcome to Fraser Essentials with Lori and Cindy!

Thank you for visiting our new store! We are so happy you are here. We have been selling Fraser Essentials through our network of friends and Facebook for the past year and now it is time to expand our online presence. We couldn't be happier to present these amazing grooming products for show dogs and pets alike. We think every dog can look like a show dog!

Fraser Essentials Canine Cosmetics are manufactured and formulated in Australia and we are proud to offer them here in the USA. Feel free to browse around the store. We offer something for everyone, from Shampoos, Conditioners and Sprays for every coat type, to Grooming Tools and Chalks. 

We are located in Florida and can be found at most dog shows. We are happy to deliver your products to the show to save you on shipping costs. 

Contact us for recommendations and any questions you may have.

- Lori and Cindy

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