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Fraser Essentials Lightweight Oval Pin Brush

Fraser Essentials Lightweight Oval Pin Brush

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Are you finding that so many Pin Brushes are getting soooo heavy?  Us too!!!  We are thrilled to introduce our Lightweight Pin Brush.  Light but not flimsy in anyway.

11 Rows of 22mm Stainless Steel polished pins with rounded ends are embedded into a well anchored cushion base.  The unique anchoring of pins ensures that pins are not easily pushed through the cushion or fall out.  

The grooming pad is finished in a quality Beechwood handle that sits comfortably in the hand.

This brush glides through the coat with ease without damaging even the most delicate of coats.  As with all our products, quality is most important.  12 months of testing was conducted before we approved a Pin Brush good enough to join the Fraser Essentials range.

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